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Skuld is a character in the manga/anime Aa! Megami-sama or Ah! My Goddess in English. First off, a bit of the storyline. A young boy named Morisato Keiichi decides to order take-out one day. In his haste, he accidentally dials the Goddess Helpline and is visited by a goddess named Belldandy. She informs him that he has one wish for anything he wants. His wish is to have a girlfriend like Belldandy forever. POOF! Belldandy is now under contract to stay by Keiichi's side until such time that Keiichi no longer needs her. After a while, Belldandy's older sister, Urd, and her younger sister Skuld show up on earth as well and everyone's lives get very interesting...

All About Skuld *_*

Age: 12 (approximate earth years)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Domain: The Future
Qualifications: Goddess
                          class II
                          limited license
Energy Source: Ice Cream
Mode of Transportation: water
Angel: Noble Scarlet (manga only)
Voice Actress: Hisakawa Aya

     Skuld is the de-bugger of Yggdrasil, Heaven's Ultimate Force system. (The Ultimate Force keeps everything running smoothly on earth and as part of that makes sure that contacts are kept. So anytime a contract is in danger of being voided, The Ultimate Force acts to protect it.) The bugs of Yggdrasil look like rabbits except that they have eight long legs like a spider. When Skuld hits them with her super-extendable mallet, they disappear. They are very fast and hard to catch. When Urd is forbidden to return home for causing Yggdrasil to crash, the bugs are everywhere and an overworked Skuld becomes very lonely. So she decides to pay her onee-sama (respected older sister) on earth. She appears out of the water in a bathtub, which Keiichi happens to be in. Since she wants Belldandy to return home, she doesn't like Keiichi very much in the beginning since he is why her sister is on earth in the first place. She is often sticking her tongue out at him.
     Since she is so young, and only has a limited license, Skuld depends on machines to help her out instead of a lot of magic. She is like the engineer of the group. She has "skuld bombs", a bug catching machine (kinda like the ghost traps on Ghostbusters) and a snowball machine. So even though she doesn't have very good control of her magic yet, she is still formidable. The thing that Skuld can not stand is useless mecha.
     When Skuld is on earth, she must have some source of energy. This source is ice cream. Near the end when she is working on an enormous project, ice cream cups begin to pile up until there are probably over 50 empty cups sitting by the computer.
      In the manga, Skuld has an Angel called Noble Scarlet. When Skuld first tried to summon her angel, she fails since she doesn't have enough power as a goddess yet. Since Noble Scarlet is in the water classification, Skuld and Keiichi are trapped by a wall of water. Urd calls her Angel, World Of Elegance, to free them. Noble Scarlet has a bit more freedom in her actions since Skuld can't quite control her yet. Noble Scarlet tries to help Skuld out in some situations even though Skuld doesn't want her to.

Why Skuld Is So Lovable *_*

Because I say so. just kidding.
     First and foremost, Skuld is, for all intents and purposes, and engineer. If she needs to do something, she builds a machine for it. Also, she can't stand to build a mecha (machine) that is useless. I am also an engineer so I sympathize with her when she just can't walk away from Keiichi's motorcycle blueprints where most of the calculations are wrong. I think my favorite line from the OAV's is when she looks at her corrections to the blueprints and says 'What beautiful equations' I think it is really inventive that since she is so young, and doesn't have very good control of her magic, she builds what she needs instead of just conjuring it through a spell.
      Another reason, which anyone (not just engineers) can relate to is her total innocence and youthfulness. From the moment she arrives at Keiichi and Belldandy's house, she decides that she dislikes Keiichi since he is the reason her sister remains on earth. However, her actions have no real hatred at heart. She is just a child who is acting out on him because she misses her sister. Her antics when she is goading Keiichi in an attempt to get her sister to realize what a 'mistake' it is to stay are a reflection of her youth and innocence in not understanding what it means to be in love. Her actions are lovable because children can relate to her now, and adults can probably remember a time when they acted similar. (I know I see more than just a little bit of myself when I was young in Skuld) When she sees how upset her sister is when Keiichi and her must be separated, she begins to realize what he means to her sister. Her interactions with Urd, her older sister are fun because as overpowering as Urd can be sometimes, Skuld doesn't let Urd intimidate her.
      Last but not least, Skuld has a cool mallet. I mean, who couldn't use a hyper-extendable mallet?